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World Pharmacist Day Ceremony Celebrated at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital

"World Pharmacist Day Ceremony Under the auspices of the Pharmacy Department, a ceremony was held in the library hall of Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital on the occasion of "World Pharmacist Day." The Pharmacy Department presented golden trophies to the MTI leadership and cake was also cut. The occasion was attended by Hospital Director Colonel (Retd) Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Nursing Director Zaifah Gul, Deputy Director HR Yaser Khattak, Deputy Director IT Abdul Ayaz Khan, HR Manager Mazhar Allah and pharmacy staff, along with hospital officials. The World Pharmacist Day ceremony began with the recitation of Holy Quran. Chief Pharmacist of the Pharmacy Department, Hayatullah Khan, inaugurated the session by stating that 25th September is celebrated as World Pharmacist Day worldwide to not only highlight the importance of pharmacists but also to acknowledge their role in the health and well-being of people around the world. He further stated that it is important to provide complete information regarding the use of medications to patients, so they not only purchase the correct medicine but also understand how to use it properly. Hospital Director Colonel (Retd) Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan addressed the ceremony saying that pharmacists have a responsible role as a bridge between doctors and patients, providing reliable and timely provision of medicines through their expertise, as well as providing complete information to patients regarding the benefits and effects of medications. Nursing Director Zaifah Gul expressed that the work of pharmacists is extremely important, as they educate patients about the potential risks and effects of medicines. She emphasized that pharmacists around the world should be encouraged and motivated to carry out their work with more passion and enthusiasm, as they deliver information about the benefits and effects of medications and their formulas. At the end of the ceremony, Chief Pharmacist Hayatullah Khan presented a trophy to the Hospital Director, Nursing Director, and Deputy Director IT Abdul Ayaz Khan, and the pharmacy department staff, under the supervision of the Hospital Director, cut a cake together."

Hospital Management Training: Quality and Human Resource Management Session

Hospital Management Training: Quality and Human Resource Management Session A second session of hospital management training was recently held at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital, organized by the Quality & Patient Safety Department. The focus of this session was on two crucial topics: Quality and Human Resource Management. Renowned experts in the field, Atiqur Rahman and HR Officer Abdul Shaffa, served as trainers for the session. The session commenced with Atiqur Rahman, the Quality & Patient Safety Manager, highlighting the significance of effective communication within the healthcare system. He stressed the role of proper and timely communication in safeguarding and enhancing the quality of healthcare provision. To illustrate this, real-life scenarios were presented to the participants, demonstrating how effective communication can prevent medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Discussions also took place regarding the use of different communication channels within the hospital's structure. Participants explored the various channels that should be utilized to ensure seamless communication and information exchange. Following this, HR Officer Abdul Shaffa discussed the importance of technological advancements in improving information communication within the healthcare system. He highlighted the benefits of technologies like electronic health records, email systems, and telecommunication in enhancing communication efficiency. The session was well-attended by hospital staff from diverse departments, including TMOS, HOs, Paramedics, and other staff members. Towards the end, a question and answer session was conducted, addressing the queries raised by the participants and providing satisfactory answers. Overall, the hospital management training session proved to be a valuable opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge and skills in quality and human resource management, with a specific focus on effective communication in the healthcare sector.

Empowering Nursing Staff: Infection Control Training for Enhanced Patient Safety and Professional Development

Under the supervision of Nursing Director Zaheefa Gul, a two-day training program was organized regarding infection control and new technical skills for the nursing department of IT organization. A large number of nurses from various departments participated in the event, where they were provided training in infection control. Speaking at the session, Nursing Director Zaheefa Gul stated that the purpose of this training session is to focus on the important aspects of infection control. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, so it is necessary for them to possess the latest knowledge and skills to prevent the spread of infections, which play a crucial role in maintaining patient safety and healthcare. She emphasized the importance of incorporating new technical skills and guidelines into their daily work. Expert trainers exchanged ideas on various aspects of infection control, including hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), appropriate disposal of medical waste, techniques of disinfection, and principles of infection control. The importance of following standardized procedures and guidelines was also highlighted. Participants were encouraged to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and share their experiences related to infection control methods. The training program included practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions to strengthen the concepts taught and provide nurses with practical skills to implement these techniques in medical settings, thus building confidence in the nurses and providing opportunities for continuous education and professional development. This training session reflects the organization's commitment to provide continuous education and professional growth opportunities for its nursing staff and their dedication to providing the best quality care for patients.