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September 2023
Sep 25
25 September 2023

"World Pharmacist Day Ceremony Under the auspices of the Pharmacy Department, a ceremony was held in the library hall of Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital on the occasion of "World Pharmacist Day." The Pharmacy Department presented golden trophies to the MTI leadership and cake was also cut. The occasion was attended by Hospital Director Colonel (Retd) Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Nursing Director Zaifah Gul, Deputy Director HR Yaser Khattak, Deputy Director IT Abdul Ayaz Khan, HR Manager Mazhar Allah and pharmacy staff, along with hospital officials. The World Pharmacist Day ceremony began with the recitation of Holy Quran. Chief Pharmacist of the Pharmacy Department, Hayatullah Khan, inaugurated the session by stating that 25th September is celebrated as World Pharmacist Day worldwide to not only highlight the importance of pharmacists but also to acknowledge their role in the health and well-being of people around the world. He further stated that it is important to provide complete information regarding the use of medications to patients, so they not only purchase the correct medicine but also understand how to use it properly. Hospital Director Colonel (Retd) Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan addressed the ceremony saying that pharmacists have a responsible role as a bridge between doctors and patients, providing reliable and timely provision of medicines through their expertise, as well as providing complete information to patients regarding the benefits and effects of medications. Nursing Director Zaifah Gul expressed that the work of pharmacists is extremely important, as they educate patients about the potential risks and effects of medicines. She emphasized that pharmacists around the world should be encouraged and motivated to carry out their work with more passion and enthusiasm, as they deliver information about the benefits and effects of medications and their formulas. At the end of the ceremony, Chief Pharmacist Hayatullah Khan presented a trophy to the Hospital Director, Nursing Director, and Deputy Director IT Abdul Ayaz Khan, and the pharmacy department staff, under the supervision of the Hospital Director, cut a cake together."

Sep 23
23 September 2023

Hospital Management Training: Quality and Human Resource Management Session A second session of hospital management training was recently held at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital, organized by the Quality & Patient Safety Department. The focus of this session was on two crucial topics: Quality and Human Resource Management. Renowned experts in the field, Atiqur Rahman and HR Officer Abdul Shaffa, served as trainers for the session. The session commenced with Atiqur Rahman, the Quality & Patient Safety Manager, highlighting the significance of effective communication within the healthcare system. He stressed the role of proper and timely communication in safeguarding and enhancing the quality of healthcare provision. To illustrate this, real-life scenarios were presented to the participants, demonstrating how effective communication can prevent medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Discussions also took place regarding the use of different communication channels within the hospital's structure. Participants explored the various channels that should be utilized to ensure seamless communication and information exchange. Following this, HR Officer Abdul Shaffa discussed the importance of technological advancements in improving information communication within the healthcare system. He highlighted the benefits of technologies like electronic health records, email systems, and telecommunication in enhancing communication efficiency. The session was well-attended by hospital staff from diverse departments, including TMOS, HOs, Paramedics, and other staff members. Towards the end, a question and answer session was conducted, addressing the queries raised by the participants and providing satisfactory answers. Overall, the hospital management training session proved to be a valuable opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge and skills in quality and human resource management, with a specific focus on effective communication in the healthcare sector.

Sep 18
18 September 2023

Under the supervision of Nursing Director Zaheefa Gul, a two-day training program was organized regarding infection control and new technical skills for the nursing department of IT organization. A large number of nurses from various departments participated in the event, where they were provided training in infection control. Speaking at the session, Nursing Director Zaheefa Gul stated that the purpose of this training session is to focus on the important aspects of infection control. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, so it is necessary for them to possess the latest knowledge and skills to prevent the spread of infections, which play a crucial role in maintaining patient safety and healthcare. She emphasized the importance of incorporating new technical skills and guidelines into their daily work. Expert trainers exchanged ideas on various aspects of infection control, including hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), appropriate disposal of medical waste, techniques of disinfection, and principles of infection control. The importance of following standardized procedures and guidelines was also highlighted. Participants were encouraged to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and share their experiences related to infection control methods. The training program included practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions to strengthen the concepts taught and provide nurses with practical skills to implement these techniques in medical settings, thus building confidence in the nurses and providing opportunities for continuous education and professional development. This training session reflects the organization's commitment to provide continuous education and professional growth opportunities for its nursing staff and their dedication to providing the best quality care for patients.

Sep 11
11 September 2023

Criterion Medical Services has obtained ISO certification by the Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital (ISO). The ISO team has designated Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital as an institution providing the best medical services. Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, Chairman of the Board of Governors, along with the board members, congratulated the leadership, faculty, administration, and all staff of MTI Hospitals on this achievement and recognized their hard work. In this regard, a special ceremony was held at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital, where Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, Chairman of the Board of Governors, announced the ISO certification and recognition of medical facilities and standards at the hospital at an international level. The administrative and staff of MTI Hospitals were also congratulated on this significant achievement. Hospital Director Colonel Retired Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Medical Director Professor Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Quality Assurance Manager Atiqur Rahman, and Director of MTI Hospitals Administration were also present on this occasion.   After a comprehensive and thorough review of all documents during the ISO team's audit, Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital has been certified with the ISO 9001-2015 UKAS. This prestigious certification acknowledges the continuous efforts and initiatives taken by our administration and board to improve the quality of medical services. ISO 9001-2015 UKAS certification is widely recognized as the standard for quality management systems in various sectors. It signifies that our hospital has fulfilled the highest international standards for providing exceptional healthcare services to our patients. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible care to our citizens, especially patients. Our administration and board have put in tireless efforts to identify areas for improvement in our operations, systems, and services. By implementing the ISO 9001-2015 UKAS standards and adhering to them, we have demonstrated our dedication to maintaining the highest level of standards and patient satisfaction. We would like to express our gratitude to all the staff of Khalifa Gulnaz Teaching Hospital for their unwavering support and social efforts to achieve this certification. It is their hard work, skills, and determination that have made this success possible. We will continue to benefit from our ISO 9001-2015 UKAS certification to bring continuous improvement in our hospital's systems and enhance the overall patient experience. Our goal is to continue progressing and establishing new standards for quality healthcare in the region. We sincerely thank all our partners and stakeholders for their trust and cooperation, and we hope to continue our journey towards providing the best healthcare services through MTI Hospitals. We are hopeful for further improvements in our services in the future, and we believe that, with the grace of Allah, this journey of success will continue.

Sep 10
10 September 2023

Medication and patient safety training was organized under the auspices of the Human Resources department of the IT department at district headquarters hospitals in the library hall. Participants were informed about the safe methods of medication handling, avoiding incorrect use of medications, and ineffective methods. The manager and Dr. Afzalullah Khan, the HR officer, gave detailed lectures. The trainers told the participants of the training session that everyone will face some illness at some point in their lives and medications are taken to prevent or treat diseases. However, certain medications can cause serious harm if stored, prescribed, distributed, or monitored improperly. House officers, nurses, and paramedical staff actively participated in the conducted training. At the end of the training, participants were also awarded honorary certificates.

August 2023
Aug 26
26 August 2023

The District Headquarters Hospital has inaugurated a modern eye operation theater in its premises. Member Board of Governors of MTI Banu, Abdul Rauf Khan, formally inaugurated the theater by cutting the ribbon.   The eye operation theater at the District Headquarters Hospital has been decorated and furnished according to international standards, with new modern machinery installed. Electronic OT tables and other equipment have also been installed. On the occasion, Chairman Board of Governors of MTI Banu, Prof. Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, along with Member BOG, Abdul Rauf Khan, and Additional Hospital Director, Dr. Nauman, inaugurated the operation theater during their visit to the hospital. Hospital Director, retired Colonel Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Medical Director Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, Associate Professor Dr. Raza Muhammad, and Director Nursing Zaifa Gul, along with other faculty members, were also present at the occasion.

Aug 25
25 August 2023

Cardio Metabolic Center has been inaugurated in Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital. Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, Chairman Board of Governors, MTI Banu, graced the event with his presence. Professor Dr. Muhammad Nadim officially inaugurated the center by cutting the ribbon, which will provide treatment and care specifically for metabolic diseases. Cardio Metabolic Center will offer the services of expert cardiologists and endocrinologists with modern diagnostic facilities, focusing on the management of heart and metabolic diseases. It will cater to various conditions including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome. The Board of Governors and the administrative staff of MTI Banu are committed to ensuring your health and well-being. InshaAllah, services will commence at the Cardio Metabolic Center very soon.

Aug 25
25 August 2023

The final session of the Hospital Management Training was held in the library hall of Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital. On the occasion of the final session, Chairman Board of Governors MTI Banu Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah congratulated all the successful sessions and appreciated the efforts to organize such a constructive workshop and bring improvement in management. On this occasion, Member Board of Governors MTI Bannu Abdul Rof Khan and MTI leadership were also present. In the session, Manager Quality Assurance Atiqur Rahman briefed the Chairman Board of Governors and MTI leadership in detail, and the MTI leadership expressed satisfaction and emphasized on regularly organizing such training workshops for the future.

Aug 24
24 August 2023

The administrative and clinical leadership meeting of IT, held under the leadership of Chairman Board of Governors, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, took place at Medican College Office on Thursday. The main topics of discussion during the meeting were the significance of IT's theme 2025 and the attainment of clinical excellence. The IT Plan 2025 was discussed as a means to establish the institution's dedication to healthcare on a global scale. This project encompasses various aspects such as upgrading the fundamental framework, cultivating medical education and research, enhancing patient care, and collaborating with both national and international healthcare organizations. Chairman Board of Governors, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, particularly emphasized the importance of clinical excellence in the pursuit of the set objectives. They stressed that providing exceptional care to patients should be the institution's foremost priority. During the meeting, the Chairman underscored the value of continuous education and training for the clinical staff at IT. They emphasized the necessity of keeping the clinical team up to date with the latest advancements in medical science and technology through regular workshops, seminars, and conferences. Chairman BOG also shed light on the significance of contributing to medical education through activities such as organizing clinical trials and publishing research articles in reputable journals. They encouraged clinical leadership to cultivate research initiatives within their teams and provide them with the necessary resources. In conclusion, the Chairman BOG, along with IT's clinical leaders, focused on the institution's vision plan for 2025, aiming to elevate the institution to meet international standards.

Aug 14
14 August 2023

On the occasion of Independence Day, the "Gul-e-Gulzar Shajarkari Muham" was conducted at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital. Under this initiative, Commissioner Bannu, Pervez Sabt Khel, Deputy Commissioner Manzoor Ahmad Afridi, Regional Police Officer Qasim Ali Khan, Additional Deputy Commissioner Islahuddin, Assistant Commissioner Syed Abrrar Ali Shah, Additional Deputy Commissioner (F&P) Hammad Iqbal, and District Forest Officer Nauman Khan visited Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital today and participated in the afforestation campaign by planting saplings. Through the collaboration of the Forest Office, a total of 500 saplings were planted at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital, which were generously provided by these officers. Upon the arrival of the aforementioned district officers, Director Works MTI Bannu, Engineer Ehsanullah Khan, Dr. Asif Mahmood, and Abdullah Noor warmly welcomed the esteemed guests and presented them with floral bouquets. On this occasion, Commissioner Bannu and Deputy Commissioner also visited the Emergency Department and the new building of Khalifa Hospital, where Director Works Engineer Ehsanullah Khan provided them with a detailed briefing. All the distinguished guests present applauded the "Gul-e-Gulzar Shajarkari Muham" and expressed their commitment to continue contributing and planting more saplings for the future.

Aug 14
14 August 2023

As part of the Independence Day festivities, a grand event was organized at the Administrative Block of Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital. The entire hospital, including the Administrative Block and other wards, was adorned with colorful flags. The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Following the recitation, the national anthem was presented through the Public Address system. Under the supervision of the hospital security officer, the hospital security team saluted the Pakistani flag. On this occasion, the entire hospital staff, including the MTIs (Medical Teaching Institution) leadership, enthusiastically participated, radiating love for the nation. To express their love for the homeland, the hospital director, Retired Colonel Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, along with other MTI leaders such as Deputy Director Abdul Ayyaz Khan, Director Works Engineer Ehsanullah, HR Manager Mazhar Allah, Quality Assurance Manager Atiqur Rahman, Account Officer Owais Khan, Pharmacy Manager Kifayatullah, Security Officer Habibullah Khan, and other hospital staff, shared messages with the attendees. They highlighted that we have achieved freedom due to the immense sacrifices of our ancestors. Recognizing the value of this freedom, we must unite as one for Pakistan's progress and prosperity. To accomplish this, we need to embrace the golden principles of our national leader, Quaid-e-Azam, which include unity, faith, and discipline. The secrets of our progress lie in our love for the country, unity, and concerted efforts. The event concluded with the cake-cutting ceremony, led by Hospital Director Retired Colonel Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, along with Dr. Safdar Zaman Dawar, Deputy MS (Administration), Zainab Gul, Nursing Director, Deputy Director IT Abdul Ayyaz Khan, Engineer Ehsanullah, Dr. Madathar Farooq, HR Manager Mazhar Allah, Quality Assurance Manager Atiqur Rahman, Account Officer Owais Khan, Pharmacy Manager Kifayatullah, Security Officer Habibullah Khan, and other hospital staff. At the conclusion of the event, a collective prayer was offered for the progress, development, and well-being of the beloved nation.

Aug 12
12 August 2023

The second session of Hospital Management Training was held at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital in the library hall. This session covered two important topics: Information Communication and Human Resource Management. The trainers for this session were Khalid Latif and Atiqur Rahman, who are well-known experts in this field. The session began with Khalid Latif discussing the importance of effective information communication in the healthcare system. He emphasized how accurate and timely communication plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and delivering standardized healthcare. Real-life scenarios were provided to the participants, illustrating how effective communication could prevent medical errors or lead to better patient outcomes. Following this, discussions were held on various communication channels that should be used within the hospital's arrangement. Khalid Latif shed light on the significance of utilizing technologies such as electronic health records, email systems, and telecommunication to enhance informational communication. During the session, Professor Dr. Tariq Saeed, Dr. Anwar Kamal, Deputy Director IT Abdul Ayyaz Khan, Pharmacy Manager Kifayatullah, TM Os, Paramedics, and other staff members participated. The session concluded with a question-and-answer session where reassuring answers were provided.

Aug 01
01 August 2023

"Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Agreement" In a presentation at the Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital's auditorium, Chief Executive Officer Professor Dr. Elias Syed delivered a presentation on the subject of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation) in modern medical science. The management, medical, and paramedical staff of MTI-Bannu were also present, and they received answers to their questions. The Board of Governors and the administration of MTI-Bannu expressed a desire to start comprehensive physical rehabilitation programs in all three major hospitals in collaboration with the Paraplegic Center Peshawar. This initiative aims to provide all necessary facilities in these hospitals for patients and individuals with disabilities coming from southern regions, who currently have to travel to Peshawar, Islamabad, or Lahore. Both institutions have signed an agreement in pursuit of this goal. With the beginning of today's presentation, this initiative has been initiated, and if the province's financial condition improves, a modern comprehensive Hemsiyeo Physical Rehabilitation Center will be established here soon.

July 2023
Jul 24
24 July 2023

Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital organized a special training session under the supervision of the Human Resources department to enhance safety measures for the IT, Pharmacy, and Pathology departments regarding fire prevention and fire extinguishing. The trainer for this session was HR Officer Abdul Shafa. The objective of this session was to equip the employees with essential skills and knowledge so that they could effectively handle fire emergencies and respond in critical situations. Through practical demonstrations and interactive sessions, participants were educated about the hazards of fire, implementation of precautionary measures, and proper techniques for fire extinguishing. By conducting such training sessions, MTI (Medical Teaching Institution) aims to create a safe working environment for its staff. Emphasizing the importance of preparedness and continuous learning to reduce fire hazards in the hospital and ensure the well-being of all employees. This training session focused on fire prevention and fire extinguishing, intending to promote safety measures and practices in MTI hospitals, and prepare its employees to respond effectively in emergency situations.

Jul 19
19 July 2023

"House Officers Orientation Session" at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital, Bannu was organized for house officers. The purpose of this session was to provide guidance and assistance to young doctors, familiarize them with the hospital's procedures, and update them on dealing with hospital challenges. The orientation session included various presentations. Associate Professor Dr. Asif Mahmood, Assistant Professor Dr. Khalid Naseem, Quality Assurance Manager Atiqur Rahman, and HR Officer Abdul Shafa presented topics such as job details, infection prevention, the value of teamwork, and other important subjects. The session began with an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of house officers, helping them understand their roles and duties in providing quality healthcare services to patients. The importance of maintaining a respectful and cohesive environment for all hospital staff was emphasized. Efforts to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors were highlighted, focusing on infection prevention measures. The significance of teamwork was also emphasized as it plays a crucial role in delivering effective healthcare services. House officers were informed about the importance of following these guidelines to ensure personal protection and patient safety with confidence.

Jul 05
05 July 2023

Two-day Healthcare Management Training Workshop was organized at Khalifa Gulnawaz Hospital. The purpose of this workshop was to enhance the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals involved in healthcare delivery, in order to provide better quality healthcare services to the people of southern districts. Apart from district officials, a large number of doctors from Lucky Marwat and District Karak also participated in the two-day training workshop. The workshop provided participants with training on best medical practices, management of Type-D hospitals, RHCs, and BHUs, as well as addressing administrative issues and challenges. The workshop was conducted by experienced trainers and healthcare professionals who shared their practical experiences with the doctors. Participants who attended the workshop were awarded honorary certificates. In the end, Medical Director MTI Bannu, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, acknowledged the efforts of the participating doctors in the training program and emphasized the importance of providing quality healthcare services to the people of southern districts.

Jul 01
01 July 2023

Dean/Chief Executive of Bannu Medical College, Professor Dr. Dost Muhammad Khan, visited the Women and Children Hospital to assess the arrangements for children and women during the days of Eid al-Adha. Additionally, he conducted a briefing with the relevant staff regarding ongoing projects that benefit the wider public at the hospital. Dr. Dost Muhammad Khan stated that efforts would be made to provide more convenience for the residents, especially women and children, at the Women and Children Hospital, ensuring they face no difficulties in accessing better treatment and care. Moreover, under the leadership of the MTI Bannu Board of Governors, these projects, aimed at the broader benefit, will be completed soon, ensuring quality healthcare for patients. Furthermore, he emphasized that Bannu Medical College has initiated a training program to ensure the provision of standard care and protection for patients in MTI Bannu hospitals. This comprehensive program includes conducting regular master classes for senior faculty members, doctors, house officers, nurses, paramedics, and other medical personnel, enabling the delivery of quality medical services and ensuring patient safety in the hospitals.

June 2023
Jun 20
20 June 2023

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the Paraplegic Center Peshawar and the MTI (Medical Teaching Institution) Hospitals. Chief Executive Dr. Syed Muhammad Ilyas from the Paraplegic Center Peshawar and retired Colonel Dr. Gulzar Ahmed, the Hospital Director of MTI Hospitals, signed the agreement in a simple yet dignified ceremony. According to the agreement, MTI Hospitals, in collaboration with the Paraplegic Center Peshawar, will establish modern and standardized departments for comprehensive physical rehabilitation or comprehensive physical rehab services in all three of their hospitals. Through the training provided by the trainers at the Paraplegic Center Peshawar, the doctors, nurses, and paramedics of MTI Hospitals will ensure the highest standards of patient care in the region. The training will encompass various aspects of rehabilitation medicine, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and psychological counseling. This initiative is a significant step towards improving healthcare services in the region and providing vital assistance to mobility-impaired patients who are deprived of transportation options. It is also evidence of the commitment of both the Paraplegic Center Peshawar and MTI Hospitals to enhance the quality of medical care in their respective regions. It should be noted that prior to this collaboration, there was no reliable institution in the area providing standardized services for comprehensive physical rehabilitation, assistive devices, and artificial limbs. As a result, patients and individuals with disabilities in southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and recently merged districts faced difficulties. The establishment of these mentioned Physical Rehabilitation Centers through the mutual cooperation of the Paraplegic Center Peshawar and MTI Hospitals is no less than a great blessing for the people of this entire region. Insha'Allah, now physical rehabilitation services will be provided with certainty in MTI Hospitals, where medical professionals will receive training from the Peshawar center. The Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital and District Headquarters Hospitals will also provide the latest facilities for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairments. This center will also offer specialized programs for patients recovering from neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, as well as those recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Jun 13
13 June 2023

A training session was conducted at Bannu Medical College to train medical officers, house officers, nurses, and students in handling emergency situations and saving patients' lives through ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support) techniques. The objective of this training session was to prepare the relevant staff to provide timely treatment to patients and effectively manage emergency situations. Under the supervision of the Cardiology department at Bannu Medical College, the faculty members, medical and house officers, nurses, and students participated in the organized training session. During the training session, Professor Dr. Muhammad Nadeem, Associate Professor Dr. Sameeullah, Assistant Professor Dr. Saeed Maqsood, Assistant Professor Dr. Farman, District Cardiologist Dr. Khalid Naseem, and others delivered detailed presentations on the mentioned topics. These topics included the identification and management of cardiac arrests, cardiovascular shocks and events, defibrillators, oxygen masks, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and intubation devices. The trainers also provided practical training to the participants, demonstrating the necessary steps to be taken in the hospital when receiving patients who are injured or in critical condition to save their lives, as well as how to provide timely medical assistance or handle emergency situations. At the end of the session, participants were given certificates, and their participation in the training session was considered a means of ensuring the best medical care in the area.

Jun 07
07 June 2023

Bannu Medical College organized a seminar titled 'Breast Cancer & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome'  organized by Health Education & Social Welfare Wing, for the students. Faculty members and students from Bannu Medical College, along with students from University of Science and Technology Bannu, also participated in large numbers. During the seminar, students from Bannu Medical College, including Mashal, Nayab, Arisha Qadeer, Medina Gul, and others, presented detailed presentations on breast cancer. The Dean/Chief Executive of Bannu Medical College, Professor Dr. Dost Muhammad, Dr. Rauf, Director of Benur Cancer Hospital, and Dr. Yusra addressed the participants and emphasized the importance of raising awareness among women to prevent the spread of breast cancer. They encouraged women to undergo regular tests or at least self-examine to ensure they are not at risk of breast cancer. Dr. Yusra stated in her speech that the diagnosis of breast cancer at the first stage is still less than four percent in Pakistan. This is why one out of every nine women in Pakistan is at risk of breast cancer. Zakiya Tanzila, the coordinator of Bannu University, and faculty members were also present in large numbers. Dr. Dost Muhammad, the Dean of Noun Medical College, mentioned in a special message to the participants that this disease was typically found in women aged 50 to 60 years, but now even younger women are being affected by this disease. According to medical indicators, if you feel a lump or hardness in your breast, it could be a possible sign of cancer. Similarly, if there is a lump or both breasts are hard, it could also be a possible sign. Additionally, if there is any discharge other than milk, it could be a possible sign of cancer, and immediate testing at the hospital is necessary to confirm it. Dr. Yusra and Zakiya Tanzila provided reassuring answers to students' questions during the Q&A session at the end."

May 2023
May 31
31 May 2023

Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital in Bannu has officially inaugurated a new Psychiatry Unit. The Chairman of the Board of Governors, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, and the Head of the Department of Psychiatry Unit, Dr. Sher Ayub Dawood, performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital, Bannu, a separate Psychiatry Unit has been established to cater to the needs of psychiatric patients. The unit provides services for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with mental disorders, as well as addiction treatment for substance abusers. Yesterday, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, visited Bannu for a one-day tour and was welcomed at the Psychiatry Unit by Dr. Sher Ayub Dawood, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, and Dr. Mehran, Consultant Psychiatrist at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital. Medical Director, Professor Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, Hospital Director, Retired Colonel Dr. Gulzar Ahmad Khan, Nursing Director, Zaifa Gul, and other administrative officers were also present on this occasion. The establishment of the Psychiatry Unit in Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital marks a new advancement with the initiation of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). Therefore, patients no longer need to travel to Peshawar for this treatment. Under the leadership of Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. Sher Ayub Dawood, the psychiatric team will provide the latest services to the patients. The administration of MTI Bannu is actively working to strengthen and improve medical services for the public in the hospitals, following modern approaches. We are committed to enhancing the systems and medical services in these hospitals and will undertake further initiatives in the near future.

May 31
31 May 2023

Introduction: The MTI Bannu (Medical and Teaching Institution Bannu) has announced its comprehensive theme for 2025, focusing on bringing significant reforms to the medical and educational sectors. This initiative aims to provide high-quality healthcare services, establish MTI Bannu as the premier healthcare institution in the southern region, ensure safety for staff and patients, and enhance accessibility to healthcare resources. By prioritizing excellence in healthcare services and efficient resource utilization, MTI Bannu seeks to improve the overall healthcare infrastructure and create a positive impact on the community. Strategic Goals: MTI Bannu has set two strategic goals for the period from July 2023 to July 2025: Elevating the Standard of Care: MTI Bannu aims to provide exceptional care by incorporating advanced medical technologies and compassionate services, ensuring the well-being of every patient. This goal emphasizes the delivery of high-quality healthcare services and the utilization of innovative medical practices to meet the diverse needs of the region's population. Becoming a Model Institution: Bannu Medical College Bannu and MTI Hospitals aspire to become exemplary medical and educational institutions in the region. This entails offering superior services not only to Bannu but also to neighboring districts and even Afghanistan. By emphasizing safety, educational opportunities for healthcare professionals, academic excellence, and improved infrastructure, MTI Bannu aims to serve as a model institution for others to emulate. Key Areas of Focus: To achieve the strategic goals, MTI Bannu has outlined several key areas of focus: Patient and Staff Safety: MTI Bannu places a high priority on the safety of both patients and staff, implementing robust protocols and measures to ensure a secure healthcare environment. This includes continuous training, adherence to safety guidelines, and regular monitoring to identify and address potential risks. Resource Optimization and Efficiency: Efficient and cost-effective care delivery is another essential aspect of MTI Bannu's theme. Through careful planning, strategic utilization of available resources, and the implementation of modern technologies, unnecessary costs will be reduced without compromising the quality of services provided. Collaboration and Cultural Change: MTI Bannu values collaboration with stakeholders and recognizes the significance of organizational and cultural change. By fostering a culture of teamwork, leadership, and institutional competence, MTI Bannu aims to create a conducive environment for continuous improvement and innovation. Training, Development, and Innovation: MTI Bannu prioritizes the professional growth and development of its staff by providing training opportunities and promoting innovative practices. This focus on continuous learning and improvement enables MTI Bannu to stay at the forefront of medical advancements and deliver state-of-the-art healthcare services. Community Engagement and Awareness: MTI Bannu seeks to engage with the community through various initiatives, including medical camps, media interactions, environmental protection efforts, and health awareness programs. By actively involving the community, MTI Bannu aims to create a friendly and supportive environment while raising awareness about healthcare issues. Conclusion: MTI Bannu's theme for 2025 outlines a comprehensive plan to advance medical and educational reforms, aiming to provide high-quality healthcare services, enhance the institution's reputation, and ensure accessibility to all. By focusing on safety, efficiency, collaboration, and community engagement, MTI Bannu endeavors to become a model institution that excels in healthcare delivery and educational excellence.

May 31
31 May 2023

The Women and Children's Hospital inaugurated a regular Guest House. Additional Medical Director and Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dr. Zakia Khan, officially opened the facility under the supervision of the Chairman Board of Governors, MTI Bannu, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, and Additional Hospital Director, Dr. Wahid Gul. For the first time in the history of teaching hospitals in the Bannu region, guest houses have been constructed for the convenience of the people from Bannu and surrounding districts. The guest house allows attendants to stay overnight with patients, providing separate arrangements for women, as well as amenities such as fans, water, and more. A guest house has also been established at the Women and Children's Hospital in Bannu, accommodating several residents on a daily basis. Chairperson BOG, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, stated that they would not only focus on providing medical facilities to the patients but also take care of their attendants, as they are our guests. Since people from Bannu's hospitals, as well as from Kurram, Lakki Marwat, North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Tank, and even Afghanistan, come for treatment, it becomes difficult for them to find accommodation. Therefore, guest houses have been built to minimize their difficulties and ensure a comfortable stay.

May 31
31 May 2023

"Inauguration of the new Dialysis Unit took place at District Headquarters Hospital Bannu under the supervision of Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, Chairman of the Board of Governors, MTI Bannu. Assistant Professor Nephrology, Dr. Ameer Allah, along with the dialysis staff, performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially inaugurate the unit. A cake was also cut to celebrate the unity and solidarity with the dialysis patients. The District Headquarters Hospital in Bannu opened a new Dialysis Unit, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, Chairman of the Board of Governors, MTI Bannu. Assistant Professor Nephrology, Dr. Ameer Allah, conducted the official inauguration ceremony, accompanied by the dialysis staff, cutting a cake to promote unity among the dialysis patients. Additionally, the hospital installed six new machines, bringing the total number to 17. In the DHQ, there are now 30 daily dialysis sessions, providing comprehensive treatment facilities and free healthcare services to the patients through the Health Services Card. Moreover, plans have been made to establish a State-of-the-Art Dialysis Unit, with the location already determined, promising swift commencement. Chairperson BOG, Professor Dr. Saeed Allah Shah, visited the Dialysis Unit, ensuring the provision of enhanced facilities to the patients, along with Vice Dean, Dr. Shabeer Hussain, Medical Director, Professor Dr. Iqbal, Hospital Director, Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Additional Medical Director, Associate Professor Dr. Raza Muhammad, Director Nursing, Zaheefa Gul, and other officials present.

May 19
19 May 2023

A training session was organized for class IV employees in the library hall of Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital MTI Bannu, in which they were trained to perform daily tasks in a friendly manner as well as to serve and respect patients and nurses. In the wider interest of the people of Bannu, in the light of the special instructions of the Chairman Board of Governors, MTI Bannu, Prof. Dr. Saeedullah Shah, a service training session was organized for Class IV employees, in which a large number of employees participated. Addressing the training session, DMS Administrator Dr. Safdar Zaman, Deputy Director Human Resource Yasir Khattak, and Manager Quality Assurance Atiq ur Rahman said that the main objective of all MTI staff is to care for patients and serve their caregivers.   The purpose of making the employees aware of their duties and job description is to prepare them to serve the public Speakers said that it is our responsibility as the public to play our part in helping these healthcare workers by respecting them and following their guidance. To show our appreciation and support for these healthcare professionals, it is important that we act responsibly and respectfully when we interact with them. Please remember to keep your hospital safe, wear a mask, and follow all hospital rules and regulations. Let's give up loud or disruptive behavior around hospital premises and try to create a calm environment in hospitals.