Brief Description IT Department

The  IT Department was established in response to the growing demand for the use of IT technologies in the hospital, however, the Department of IT has gained much strength and has achieved great milestones. The department provides comprehensive 24-7 support for the hospital’s mission-critical computer applications.

The objective of our department is to continuously provide a comprehensive technology infrastructure, further enhance and strengthen the effective operational environment and deliver quality, prompt, cost-effective, and reliable technology services. Our ongoing dedication is to explore and incorporate new ways towards advanced automated healthcare information systems to improve medical care and public health systems, lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve patient satisfaction.

Deputy Director IT 

Abdul Ayaz Khan

IT Quality Services 

Our department provides services to the Hospitals 

HMIS System

Our Team is providing 24/7 support on all hospital management modules.

Email Services

We have got 25000 licenses of office 365 suite providing emails & other apps to our employees

Backup & Recovery

It include system files, applications, databases, and user data. Data Backup is scheduled to run automatically or initiated manually.

Networking & Security

We have connectivity of fast internet & netwroking which integrates all the three hospital of MTI Bannu.

Help Desk SUpport

Our IT Team is supporting helpdesk operations 24/7 inside Hospitals and via whatsapp integration with Website.

Print & Hardware

Computer systems and printers are properly manage to operate in all the counters of hospitals.


IT training programs are moslty based on the HMIS system in parallel with AI Frame, Security Camera system etc.

CCTV Operation

CCTV camera is one of the most popular surveillance tool in Security and attendence purposes in hospital.

IT Consulting

IT Management plays an important role in help to develop, integrate, and maximize the value of IT systems

Dedicated Resource



Khalid Latif

IT Manager


Arsalan Khan Bangash

Network Administrator


Taimur Ali Shah

In-Charge IT DHQTH

Zia Ud din

Zia Ud Din

Incharge Payroll Management System


Junaid Alam

Network Technician


Farhad Ullah

Web Developer


Sohail Khan

Member IT Support Team


Iftikhar Ali Shah

Member IT Support Team


Asim Khan

In-Charge Inventory Management System


Noor Ahmad

In-Charge AI FRAMS Management

Feel free to communicate your queries with our IT specialists.

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